Posted on 5. Apr. 2017

    12 Reasons To Take Your BFF On A Weekend Trip To Beautiful Stockholm

    Shh, those are secret.

    1. Mosebacke. The best beer garden in Stockholm with a spectacular view over the old town island, the amusement park Gröna Lund and the river. In summer there's also live music.

    2. Gamla Stan. The old town of Stockholm is quite touristy but the narrow alleys and small backyards are simply beautiful.

    3. The second hand shops of Södermalm. Södermalm is Stockholms hipster headquarter with vintage shops aplenty. You'll find everything from wedding dresses from the 1920s to platform shoes for your next 90s rave.

    4. Trädgården. In English just "The Garden". It's an outdoor and indoor club for Stockholmers who just love to dance. If you wanna hang out with ridiculously good looking people - this is their mothership.

    5. Flippin Burgers. By far the best burger place in Stockholm. This is the place where Stockholm truly tastes like NYC.

    6. Skansen. Pet a moose, mooch though red wood houses, feel like Emil of Lönneberga or try some of the typically Swedish sweets. Stockholm's open air museum will not disappoint you.

    7. Vitabergsparken. A small but great park in the middle of Södermalm. Especially in summer it's the place to be if you fancy sipping a drink whilst lying in the grass.

    8. Tranan. Köttbullar at IKEA are okay, but if you fancy the best Swedish meatballs stop by and have dinner at Tranen. The restaurant has been one of the best for 80 years.

    9. Rosendals Trädgård. An oasis for everyone who's a little tired of spending their time in the big city. Just a short walk from downtown, Rosendals is a green farm, café, restaurant, event location and gardening location all in one spot.

    10. Östermalms Saluhall. A market in one of the posher districts of Stockholm. If you enjoy espresso, oysters and Swedish deli then this will be your paradise.

    11. Vasamuseum. It sounds strange but it is a museum housing a very badly constructed war ship. The war ship sank right on its first trip and they built a museum for you to explore this magnificently embarrassing moment of Swedish military history.

    12. Mariefred. Actually not located in Stockholm, but a couple of hours boat ride away from the capital. It's the perfect destination for a day trip. The Gripsholm castle, the grave of Kurt Tucholsky and a lot of adorable wood houses are waiting for you before you can just enjoy the ride across many lakes back to Stockholm.

    This post was translated from German.

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