Updated on 5. Mai 2019. Posted on 16. Aug. 2017

    14 German Foods The Rest Of The World Just Doesn't Understand

    It's the wurst.

    1. Pommes mit Mayo.

    yunghighko / Via instagram.com

    Mayo on fries. It's a thing in Germany. A very popular thing. Another version is mayo and ketchup on fries, which is called "Pommes Schranke" (barrier fries, because of the colors).

    2. Eisbein.

    i. kiyoko / Via instagram.com

    Looks very #NSFW, but relax. It's only pickled and boiled ham hock.

    3. Weisswurstfrühstück.

    berthold_bk / Via instagram.com

    Having white sausage with sweet mustard, beer and pretzels for breakfast is kind of a national treasure in Bavaria. The only true way of eating the sausage is to suck it out. Yes, seriously. It's called "zutzeln".

    4. Heringsalat.

    genussatelierlang / Via instagram.com

    Toss some food into a bowl, put some kind of creamy sauce on it (mostly it's mayo) and call it a salad: Like this pickled herring salad.

    5. Wurstsalat.

    honey881 / Via instagram.com

    It's a "salad" made of wurst. There's cheese in it, too. Oh, don't forget the vitamins: dill pickles.

    6. Spargel.

    mic. horn / Via instagram.com

    The Germans are obsessed with asparagus. Mostly with the white ones. During the "Spargelzeit", the special season for asparagus, they get crazy and eat tons of white asparagus with Hollandaise sauce, boiled potatos and some sort of meat or ham.

    7. Saft-Bockwurst.

    in_g_ / Via instagram.com

    Pickled Sausages. Yes, this is salty hot dogs bathed in salty water.

    8. Schmalz.

    l_a_r_5 / Via instagram.com

    It's pig fat that you can spread on bread. You're welcome.

    9. Schweinekrusten.

    hei_2810 / Via instagram.com

    This crunchy snack is literally just pork rind. No carbs.

    10. Handkäs mit Musik.

    kisteline / Via instagram.com

    Sour milk cheese marinated with chopped onions and caraway.

    11. Arsch mit Ohren.

    ich_bin_baansinnig / Via instagram.com

    This candy is called "ass with ears". Literally.

    12. Leberwurst.

    erika_208 / Via instagram.com

    It's wurst made out of liver. Oh, and it's spreadable.

    13. Mett.

    mahl_kosten / Via instagram.com

    Yes, Germans eat minced raw pork. As a sandwich.

    14. Mett-Igel.

    kiddykaddi / Via instagram.com

    Yes, Germans love to build a hedgehog out of Mett.