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8 Signs You’re A Full-Time Adult

“Getting drinks” doesn’t mean what it used to.

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1. You get up early. On purpose.

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Whether it’s to have time to “really enjoy” that morning cup of coffee or to fit in your morning run, becoming a morning person is a hallmark of becoming an adult.

3. “Getting drinks” doesn’t mean what it used to.

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You used to get jazzed for dollar shots at the local bar, but now you’re starting to feel that same twinge of excitement for an extra shot of wheatgrass in your post-yoga smoothie. Buzzy health foods are like a gateway drug to adulthood. First step green juice, second step Roth IRA.

4. You find yourself yelling at your roommates for doing things that your parents used to yell at you for.

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Seriously, how hard is it to take the dry dishes out of the drying rack before putting the wet ones in?

6. You lust after high end cooking supplies.

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Now that you prepare real meals, you start to understand the William Sonoma catalogue on a deep, personal level. And yes, that bamboo spice grinder is a kitchen necessity.

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