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5 Strength Moves You Need To Do If You Want To Lose Weight

In one Harvard study, researchers found that minute-per-minute, strength training kicks cardio’s keister in the fight against belly fat—settling the cardio vs strength training battle for good. Here are five effective strength moves to torch body fat—and score you some total-body definition. Cha-ching!

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1. Barbell Squat

The LBD of the gym, squats do it all. But, if you usually perform squats with the weight in front of your chest, like with a dumbbell or kettlebell, it’s worth switching things up. When the weight is loaded across your upper back and shoulders, you put a greater emphasis on the almighty glutes. Your glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body, so working them is an awesome way to crank up your metabolic burn, she says.

Burn it up: At a squat rack, stand under a barbell with your feet shoulder-width apart. (Start with a 35-pound pre-loaded barbell or a 45-pound Olympic barbell if you’re new to barbell squats.) Grab the barbell with both hands and lift up on the bar to remove it from the rack. It should rest across your upper shoulder, just below the base of your neck.

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