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9 NYC Photographers You Definitely Need To Insta-Stalk

New Yorkers. Maybe it’s something about living in a city of big ideas that cultivates photographic genius, or maybe they all just move there for the pizza, but the world’s best photographers seem to gravitate to the Big Apple the way aspiring actors flock to Hollywood. The proof? Instagram. (Okay, among other arenas of photographic display.)

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1. NYC Headshot

Facebook: nycheadshot

There's a good chance you're in New York City to make it big as an actor, and if that's true you need a good headshot.

Why It's Stalk-Worthy

Check out the gallery on for inspiration.

2. Peter Hurley

Instagram: @peter_hurley

Arguably the world’s best headshot photographer and the master of capturing authenticity, Peter Hurley is the photographer of choice for a huge list of A-Listers.

Why He’s Stalk-Worthy

The guy considers facial expressions a science. Plus, he’s not afraid to use the Framatic app just to show off his mobile-camera shots of yesterday’s rainbow.

3. Michael Kormos

Instagram: @michaelkormosphotography

Not just everyone can pull off the kind of new family portraits you want to follow on Instagram. Michael’s on-location shoots in parks around the Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn areas will make your day (and get your biological clock ticking.)

Why He’s Stalk Worthy

His magic with the lens manages to capture the bond between parents their wee ones. And who doesn’t love a daily dose of chubby baby hands?

4. The Christian Oth Studio

The Christian Oth Studio placed in the 10 best studios for New York weddings by American Photo. The passion that Oth captures between bride and groom, well… it feels like you're watching private moments you weren't invited to.

Why He's Stalk-Worthy

Because snooping is life.

5. Levi Stolove

Instagram: @levistolove

His aren’t your every-day wedding photos. Stolove stays on the tip of the tongue when top photographers are discussed, with awards from the Intl Wedding Photojournalist Association and multiple features in Brides New York & other top niche wedding publications.

Why He’s Stalk-Worthy

He’s the photographer to call if you are looking for a cool wedding, and his Instagram is the place to go to get ideas for cool wedding photography.

6. Mathew Zucker

Instagram: @mathew_zucker

Many of the foodie trends that beguile the everyday user on Instagram come from Mathew Zucker.

Why He’s Stalk Worthy

Lessons in Mastering Instagram Food Art, of course. Plus, he specializes in still life pictures so alive you would guarantee they are moving from the corner of your eye.

7. Sam Kaplan

Sam Kaplan gives normal products a bold makeover with just a few changes in the details of the surroundings.

Why He’s Stalk Worthy

Two words: stop-motion videos. Unlike a lot of photographers, Sam posts videos. Cool ones, that will make your jaw drop. My favorite is a purse hugging a cactus.

8. Joseph Paradiso

Instagram: @paradisonyc

Joseph Paradiso stretches the limits of where high fashion can go with his incredible inner sight for the marriage between the environment and the front of fashion — and the elite of New York love every minute of it.

Why He’s Stalk-Worthy

You will never see high fashion paired with such diverse surroundings.

9. Evan Joseph

If having two first names wasn’t cool enough, Evan is who the most successful real estate agents go to when they need to capture the full range of luxury in New York's most exclusive properties.

Why He’s Stalk-Worthy

Maybe you want to feel bad about your own digs, or maybe you just like really great landscape and architecture photos. Either way, this account has the word “stunning” all over it.

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