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    Guide To Meatless Monday Dining In D.C.

    The Meatless Monday movement is growing in popularity in Washington D.C. and throughout the country. For those who are interested in cutting the meat once a week, here is a list of the most affordable vegetarian restaurants in the nation’s capital:

    1. Amsterdam Falafelshop

    Amsterdam Falafelshop / Via

    The warm pita or bowl filled with crisp crunchy balls can be topped with an assortment of vegetarian add-ons such as tabouleh salad, hummus, baba ghanoush, pickled onions and variations of spicy (and mild) sauces. Plus, the brand has three locations in D.C. including shops in Adam's Morgan, 14th Street Corridor and the L'Enfant Plaza Food Court.

    2. Native Foods Café

    Native Foods Cafe / Via

    There is nothing that soothes the soul like a Soul Bowl from Native Foods Cafe. There are two locations in D.C. – one in the Penn Quarter and one on 18th and M. Street.

    3. Triple B Fresh

    Triple B Fresh / Via

    Feeling veg-curious? Try the veggie bowl, which includes your choice of rice or greens, four vegetables, sauce and tofu. The restaurant is located in Dupont Circle.

    4. Pedro & Vinny's

    Pedro and Vinny's / Via

    While it doesn't look like much, this magical yellow food stand is known for lines that wrap around the block. Don't forget to try the assortment of hot sauces on your veggie burrito or burrito bowl. The food stand is located outside the Mcpherson Sq. Metro station.

    5. Keren Restaurant

    Keren Restaurant / Via

    There are dozens of vegetarian and gluten-free options at this intimate neighborhood Eritrean restaurant. Be sure to try the veggie combo with enjera. The restaurant is located in Dupont Circle.