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10 Boutique Hotels In Manila

The Millennial of Manila is no stranger to the fanfare surrounding the luxury of staycations amid the hustle and bustle of city-life. While he is currently neck-deep in work, he simultaneously looks forward to long weekends spent in comfort—alone, or with company. Here are ten non-chain hotels that cater to everyone’s need for comfort, and some of that necessary ‘extra’ on the side (Hint: Instagrammable interiors!).

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The Henry Hotel Manila

Instagram: @thehenryhotel

Located 20-minutes away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport, The Henry Manila is one hotel that screams classic 1950s without feeling old and musky. Its architecture and interiors are rooted in nostalgia since the hotel is essentially a row of refurbished old houses of old Chinese families.

How retro could it get, you ask? It has its own White House!

Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

Instagram: @thepicassomakati

Anyone who hears Picasso instantly pictures cubism and post-impressionism on canvasses. This is exactly what Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences offers its guests and more—‘solace in the arms of the arts.’ Inspired by the creative genius, Pablo Picasso, the hotel boasts of its art-filled space in Makati’s Central Business District.

Its accessibility in the metro has also made it a top-choice for expats who work within the CBD. Other than that, the hotel fulfills much of its promise of comforting guests by immersing them in art. Every nook and cranny of the place is full of wonderful decor, perfect for everyone’s Instagram account.

Cocoon Boutique Hotel

Instagram: @pinasmuna

Found in the heart of Quezon City, Cocoon Boutique Hotel has successfully positioned itself as a sustainable hotel. With the tagline “Where Luxury is Responsible,” it encourages its guests to join them in keeping the hotel clean and in enjoying their amenities responsibly (of course, never at the expense of your comfort!).

Privato Hotel

Instagram: @privatohotel

Located near Capitol Commons, here’s another hotel that offers accessibility and convenience of location. Privato Hotel is perfect for people who want to relax WHILE working (Yes! It’s possible!). It’s perfect for millennials looking to unwind while still in the metro.

The hotel features a spa and a rooftop bar. They also regularly run promos for room upgrades! What else could you look for at a place that claims to be the intersection of business and leisure?

Azumi Boutique Hotel

Instagram: @azumihotel

The hotel borrows its name from a Japanese word that means “safe residence”. Azumi stays true to its promise. Guests who have been to the hotel can vouch for Azumi’s claim to being a safe haven for its guests. It features electronic keycards that only work on your floor. Of course, Azumi does not stop at comfort and security, it also screams stylish and retro. The lobby itself is filled with interesting wall décor that will instantly catch the eye.

Swimmers will also be delighted to know that Azumi has a saltwater infinity lap pool! So, if you’re planning a staycation at Azumi, don’t forget to bring your swim clothes!

Hotel H20

Instagram: @iamalyloony

If sleeping with the fishes is your thing, a staycation at one of Hotel H20’s Aqua rooms will be perfect for you! They have several kinds of rooms, ranging from ones with half walls’ worth of aquarium, with aquariums filled with jellyfishes (aptly called Club Jellies room), or with stunning vistas of the widely admired Manila Bay sunset.

This place is perfect for family staycations/ field trips for the kids because the hotel is in the same compound as Manila Ocean Park.

Hotel Celeste

Instagram: @hotelcelestephl

Located in Makati CBD, this ‘haute couture’ hotel not only offers convenience of location, but also stylish European modernity. The first thing guests will notice will be the hotel’s sophisticated and rather eclectic architecture and interior design. However, despite its European-inspired design, the hotel does not veer far away from Philippine hospitality—guests will surely feel comfortable as soon as they check in since the hotel goes the extra mile by giving their guests a complimentary welcome massage!

Be sure to visit their Open Deck in the evening, as you’ll surely be in awe of the wonderful view of Makati!

Luneta Hotel

Instagram: @milespmrn

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in history, the Luneta Hotel in Kalaw, Manila is perfect for you. Re-opened last 2014, the hotel was actually built in 1918, and is one of the few surviving buildings from World War II. The hotel was fortunately retrofitted, and is now standing beautifully along Kalaw.

Fun activity idea? Bring vintage-themed clothes and get ready to take photos in sepia or black and white! The owners retained most of its original French Renaissance architecture and design, so expect the feeling of nostalgia the moment you step in!

Amelie Hotel

Instagram: @ameliehotelmnl

Another hotel that offers a ‘well rounded Manila experience,’ Amelie Manila Hotel is located in the old-world Bohemian setting of Malate, Manila. Its art deco and contemporarily designed red, white and black interiors complete the modern minimalist aesthetic that the hotel is going for. It’s an easy choice for travelers who wish to learn more about historic Manila because it’s near Intramuros, Divisoria, Ermita, and even the National Museum of the Philippines.

Although it’s located in Malate, a place notorious for its bars, you wouldn’t want to leave the hotel simply because it offers a more tranquil option at the roof deck where you can bring your favorite local beer. Nothing beats a simple get together over a few bottles of San Mig, right?

The Bayleaf Hotel Manila

Instagram: @gastrotreats

Want a 360 degree view of Manila? The Bayleaf Hotel, the only hotel found within the walled city of Intramuros, offers a wonderful 360 degree view of Manila’s skyline on its rooftop. It’s perfect for people who want to go around Intramuros, and other important historic places in Manila.

The hotel also serves as a training ground for hotel and restaurant management students, as well as some culinary arts students of Lyceum Manila. So, not only are you staying at a comfortable place in Manila, you’re also being served by future managers and top chefs in the making!

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