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16 Tweets About Spaghetti That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

"My life is just like a Disney movie, one time I ate spaghetti in an alley."

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My life is just like a Disney movie, one time I ate spaghetti in an alley


It’s always humiliating when someone enters the bathroom right after I tried unsuccessfully to flush spaghetti down the toilet.


Sharon why does my alphabet spaghetti say "u don't satisfy me anymore"? Did you do this or is it haunted spaghetti? Sharon? im scared Sharon


Eminem: *does some dumb shit song* Me: DO MORE SONGS ABOUT SPAGHETTI!


Scientists confirm the human body is 75% water, still unclear what the other 25% is, "spaghetti we think" says one scientist


How did i get rich? My YouTube video "car microwave" went viral after the spaghetti i was heating up exploded while i was driving


[apple store] i want to buy more of your iPhone spaghetti, it's delicious "the earbuds?" ahhh i'm embarrassed wow so how much


Knees weak arms are spaghetti there's heavy vomit on his spaghetti already, don't eat the spaghetti


Son sit down.We think u may be a fainting goat [ME] Why would u think- [Mom shouts behind me & I faint face first into a plate of spaghetti]


*walks into all-you-can-eat spaghetti buffet* *sees Eminem wearing a sweater* *speed walks back out*


[arrives 4 hours late for work & covered in spaghetti] Sorry I'm late. I fucken love spaghetti.


"Mmmm, that spaghetti-on-a-stick looks delicious. What sides does it come with?" Sir, that's a mop.


fashion tip: you can use your Crocs to strain spaghetti


*opens briefcase *shuts briefcase Well I brought the wrong briefcase, this is my spaghetti briefcase.


[me narrating a documentary about canoes] Think how much spaghetti you could fit in that.


Ok everyone in for the family picture! Not you Weird Greg please stop eating that dry spaghetti for some reason

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