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    25 Times "Family Guy" Was Right About Everything

    Yeah, the show is controversial, however, these moments cannot be disputed.

    1. When they demonstrated this eternal struggle.

    2. When they displayed the rage we all have for Clippy.

    3. When they commented on Bryan Cranston's success.

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    Bryan Cranston, so hot right now.

    4. When they expressed how we all feel about our dentist appointments.

    5. When they showcased the struggle of pimple-popping.

    6. This.

    7. This.

    8. This.

    9. And this.

    10. When they exposed the impracticality of long nails.

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    Also, we've all dealt with this kind of customer service representative...

    11. When they discussed wannabe photographers.

    12. When they expressed how we all feel about stubborn fat.

    13. When they pointed out the sad truth about health care under capitalism.

    14. When they noted the pressure many Asian parents place on their children.

    15. When they pointed out several heist movie clichés.

    16. When they recognized the headache studio logos can cause.

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    17. When they commented on the Zune's popularity.

    18. When they recognized that you can't change people.

    19. When Peter spat this advice that EVERYONE should take.

    20. When they admitted that Cookie Monster has a problem.

    21. When they recognized Tina Fey's godliness.

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    22. When they wished a wish many of us have wished.

    23. When they acknowledged how men can be clueless.

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    (And, on the flip side, how girls can be crazy.)

    24. When they noted the internet's main use.

    25. When they dropped this on parents who hate their show.