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10 Celebrities Who Are Fangirling Over "Game Of Thrones" Just As Much As We Are

They might be millionaires who walk on red carpets almost every week, but on Sunday nights celebrities are just like us: they can't get enough of Game of Thrones.

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Kelly Clarkson

Instagram: @kellyclarkson

Kelly and her family slayed the Christmas card game.

Anna Kendrick

Instagram: @annakendrick47

Anna often tweets about GoT, but she doesn't stop there. She's such a big fan that the show sent her her own House Kendrick merchandise - an enormous wooden chest that plays the theme music when you open it.


Instagram: @madonna

Queen of Pop showed her love for Game of Thrones by dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen for Purim.

Elizabeth Banks / Via

Effie Trinket, I mean, Elizabeth Banks is also a huge fan. She often writes about the show on her blog. And when she's sick of waiting for a new season to start, she relies on her HBO Collector’s Edition set. She wrote: “I’ve been getting my fix from HBO’s collector’s edition, but I’m running out of bonus content. Obsessed.”

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

Instagram: @kristenanniebell

Kristen and Dax wore matching outfits to the premiere of Game of Thrones season six. Their outfit was complete with temporary tattoos.

Kerry Washington

Hands down. @GameOfThrones 😃 #AskKerry

During a Q&A with her fans, Kerry revealed that her favorite TV show, beside Scandal, is Game of Thrones.

Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg

View this video on YouTube

Seth and Snoop got into a really deep discussion about one of the episodes of the show in a video on Snoop's GGN Network.

Nick Carter

Instagram: @sweetesbakeshop

Nick Carter and his wife Lauren are expecting their first baby together, and in April they threw a Game of Thrones-themed baby shower.

Joe Jonas

Very excited that @GameOfThrones is back! I couldn't even look at my phone this am Incase any spoilers. 😳

Joe is a huge fan of GoT, but just like us, he hates spoilers so he decides not to even look at his phone before watching the show.

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