This Woman Wore A Bikini To The Beach For The First Time And It Looked So Good

    "I truly believe this swimsuit is supposed to be mine."

    We hear a lot about what a "bikini body" is supposed to look like, especially in the summer. So Jazzmyne said eff the beauty norms and documented her first time wearing a bikini at the beach, and looked bomb doing it:

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    Jazzmyne was ready to conquer one of her biggest goals: wearing a bikini for the first time.

    She explained that growing up in a small town without a lot of girls who looked like her impacted the confidence she had in herself.

    And she found herself praising other plus-size women for wearing bikinis but always shaming herself for trying one on.

    She was hoping that this journey would be about finding self-love without giving a damn about what a hater had to say.

    So Jazzmyne went all out and bought two bathing suits, because every girl needs options. The first one was cute, but...

    ...she wasn't really feeling this scrunch in the back.

    And the second one? Well, you gotta wait, but just know THINGS GOT HOT. 🔥

    The day she got to the beach, she had mixed emotions about the entire experience.

    But the minute she was comfortable with blessing the sand, she slayed...

    ...and with people cheering her on... really boosted her confidence. ❤️ Honey was slaying.

    She believed that wearing a bikini was nothing but a normal thing!

    She even took a photo for the ’gram and had a positive response.

    And the entire experience made her realize that she could wear a bikini and kill it just like anyone else...

    ...and she was ready to take on the world and own her space.