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These Guys Wore Heels For A Day And Felt The Pain

“When you take that sh*t off, it feels like a damn orgasm.”

These brave men decided to wear heels for a day and hated life.

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Before they even began, the guys knew this wasn't going to be pleasant. But sometimes beauty is pain. "If you want your calves to look great, if you want your ass to be lifted up, your feet are going to hurt a little bit."

The guys were then given their heels...

...And they already couldn't even.

But there was no backing out now.

Right away, this guy was feeling excited and tall.

In fact, they were all kind of feeling themselves at first.

It was all fun and games until they had an earthquake drill.

The guys were totally on display in front of the entire office, and also learned what it's like to walk in the grass with heels on.

After that, things started to go downhill...

...Like, way downhill.

They were over it.

And even though they had some fun dancing with heels on...

...They all agreed that being comfortable is the most important thing.

"I will say, when you take that shit off, that's like a damn orgasm."