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    15 Beauty Problems Black Women Struggle With

    Please give me the strength for wash day.

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    Five-minute beauty routine? HA. HA.

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    1. When people try to mess with your curls and you're like, NAH.

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    You can just say, "It looks good." Dang.

    2. When headphones and hats become your hair styling nightmare.

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    3. When drugstore makeup forgets that you exist.

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    And will try to leave you looking ashy AF.

    4. When your lotion tries to play you.

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    It's only been 20 minutes since I last applied it!

    5. When "nude" isn't your nude.

    At all.

    6. When your bathroom counter looks like a Sally's display window of half-open hair products.

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    Did I like the curling cream or the curling crème better??

    7. When you've had to say RIP too soon to a good brush.

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    It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

    8. When Wash Day arrives.

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    **Sings to self** "We gon' be alright... but I probably can't say the same for my comb."

    9. When the time comes to twist your hair.

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    But it's always worth it for that bomb twist out the next morning.

    10. When your friend texts you to chill after your head scarf is on.

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    When it's on, it's ON.

    11. When you're trying really hard to find a salon...

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    12. ...Like, really hard...

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    13. ...Like. Unbelievably hard.

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    14. And then you find a place and they want to charge you more for your hair type.

    15. But on the bright side, at least you kind of get a mini vacation out of your trip to the salon.

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    Kind of.