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I Tried 4 Chub-Rub Hacks And Here's What Actually Worked

Because you can't let a little thing like chafing come between you and a good time.

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This is Daysha and she is on a mission to live her best thick-thigh life and I fully support it.


But she's always had a problem with chub rub, so she decided to test out some products that could offer some relief. I feel ya, girl!

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After gathering a few items, it was time to test the products. First, she tried putting on Degree Motionsense deodorant (yes, deodorant) between her thighs before taking a hike — literally.


The results? The deodorant smelled bomb and it was definitely silky and smooth, but you need to reapply after about 45 minutes or so.


Which brings us to the last anti-chafing product Daysha tested. It was a pair of Thigh Society Anti-Chafing Slip Shorts, created specifically to prevent inner thigh chafing.


She was skeptical because she's tried using shorts before and sometimes they want your body to mold to the shorts instead of the other way around. As if!

After walking around all day on the Santa Monica Pier, Daysha said she loved these anti-chafing slip shorts!

Thigh Society has done it! These shorts were perfect because the material was super soft, they're breathable, and they mold to your thighs. Amen to that!