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    Posted on Jan 13, 2018

    I Became Celibate For A Year To Regain My Orgasm And It Worked

    Sometimes it's just as simple as knowing that every part of you trusts your partner.

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    Sex can add a whole other layer of pressure to any relationship. It can also be a huge stressor for anyone on a date.


    Will we or won't we?

    Watch how Daysha navigates a year long journey of celibacy.

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    This is Daysha, and she challenged herself to go a full year without having sex.


    "It's really fucking difficult. I won't sugarcoat that,'s an experience that I don't regret."

    She remembered her first (and only) long-term relationship with Brandon.


    They talked for hours and it was the perfect combination of love and lust.

    He made her feel absolutely beautiful!


    And although she realized now that whatever she experienced then wasn't an orgasm, it was the closest she had ever come (pardon the pun).

    When it didn't work out with Brandon, Daysha felt she had to "sex" him out. That's where Jack came in (no pun intended).


    He was hot, he kissed her tenderly, and he was everything Daysha thought should satisfy her to infinity and beyond.

    BUT...nada, zilch, zip. She didn't orgasm, felt confused and decided to chill the fuck out.


    It became clear that Daysha needed to be able to get close to someone first, and be able to let them in both mentally and physically.


    "I feel like my inability to have an orgasm was my body's weird way of saying: Your orgasm is worth so much more than these fuckboys!"

    After reading an interesting article about a guy who turned to celibacy, Daysha decided to give it a try.


    She wanted to figure how to be with someone without having sex, and that entailed learning how to build trust.

    There was Alex, who swore he was totally cool with Daysha's celibacy plan.


    But his actions said otherwise and that ended, too.

    Then Daysha met Jay and it all came together. It reminded her of exactly why she did that whole thing to begin with.


    She was expecting him to slowly fade out, but he stuck around! Not only that, but they talked for hours, and really got to know each other.

    Okay, so Daysha was two weeks shy of her one-year anniversary of celibacy when she and Jay took their relationship to the next level.


    She felt that same awesome combination of love and lust that Brandon had introduced her to. "I feel like what really did it was his genuine ability to embrace new things."

    Daysha's goal was to learn how to put her pleasure first, while building up trust with someone she really vibed with.


    Mission accomplished!