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    Here's What Inclusive Nude Fashion Looks Like On Black Women

    “It’s like one little step for chocolate man- and womankind…”

    We got four black women to try on inclusive nude fashion, and here's what happened:

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    ...Off to a TERRIFIC START!

    First up, we had them try a fleshtone lipstick.

    And Freddie felt herself real fast and loved how it looked on her lips.

    However, Bri was turned all the way off.

    Next up, these Tru-Colour Bandages that claim "diversity in healing."

    Quinta was ready to fall on the sidewalk for these Band-Aids straight out of the gate because they matched her skin tone.

    Freddie SPOKE massive amounts of truth.

    Continuing with the theme here, it was time to have the ladies see what they thought of these fabulous Nubian Skin bras.

    The ladies were FEELING THEMSELVES!!!

    And really embracing the fact that it matched their skin color more than the alternative.

    GET. IT. GALS!

    Freddie was tryin' to fool us.

    Quinta was like, Netflix and chill anyone, or just CHILL.

    The full entire look wouldn't be complete without a little leg action with these tights.

    Right off the bat, they recognized these were going to SLAY.

    Quinta was really loving the fact that she didn't look pink and pale.

    Bri continued to embrace her sexiness and felt it all.

    Bri cosigned Neil Armstrong's moon speech.

    "It’s crazy that racism is so deeply embedded in our culture … that there are manufacturers willing to bypass a whole market. Like, the whole people of color market, to maintain that, like, white is right."

    And just like there are multiple colors of white...

    That's all.