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10 Reasons Technology Has Ruined My Dating Life

As a communication student you would think that by now I should be a "tech wiz" or a "social media guru". Sadly, this is not the case. After endless hours studying and paper writing, I find myself more estranged from technology than ever. Not to mention trying to maneuver the dating world online - good luck! Here are my top ten reasons for why technology has ruined my dating life:

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2. I can't handle online "small talk"

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If I'm interested, I've already Facebook-stalked you beyond the need for small talk. I know your favourite sports teams and TV shows and I know you had fun on your vacation in Santa Barbara last June...

5. I can't tell my parents I met my bf on Tinder...

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As all romance is being swiped from a screen, I can just imagine telling my grand children one day; "Well grand-ma was real thirsty and grand-pa swiped right..." It looks like this is the end of the romantic "meet cute."

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