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    The Stages Of Rushing A Sorority As Told By Sloths

    Because only one other species really knows the struggle.

    Getting ready to flirt with girls for 12 hours:

    Walking into your first house of Round 1 like:



    How you feel after saying where you're from and what your major is 200 times:

    Finding out a house you liked cut you after the first round:

    And then realizing you don't care because they weren't that good of a house anyway:

    Walking into all the houses that didn't cut you like:

    When you walk into the house you really want a bid from:

    When your top houses invite you back for house tours:

    When you're done getting ready for Preference Round:


    The night before you receive your bid:

    Literal moments before you receive your bid:

    When you get in your favorite house and can't control your excitement:

    When you go back to the dorm after bid night:

    And finally, when you feel fancy posting your letters on every social media site and sporting them around campus:

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