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Returning To Syracuse As Told By Harry Potter

Because that building everyone always instagrams basically looks like Hogwarts anyway.

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When you realize how close it is until you return to Cuseland and your parents are like

But you can't control your emotions, so then you upload an old tailgate photo to Instagram with the caption "Can't wait to be back!"



Finally, when you arrive and your parents make you wait and unpack before you can go to the day party (darty if you will)

When you realize your favorite frat is having after hours your first night back


When you're several drinks deep at DJ's/Lucy's/Harry's/Chuck's (your choice)

When your friends tell you you're too drunk and that your tolerance went down over the summer


"I'm fiiiiine!"

But, when you get the text that *insert favorite frat* just opened for after hours your mood suddenly changes


After you get home and your GrubHub order arrives


How you feel the next morning after your first night back

But, then you remember you're back at Syracuse and get ready for night #2

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