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    • daynag

      I contacted the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals on the recommendation of a friend. I asked about a dog I’d seen a picture of and after giving a detailed description of the kind of dog we wanted, the woman I spoke with said she had another dog she thought might be a better match. She described him as a “Muppet,” which is the magic word for me. We met “Gio” at a vet’s office about a week later. He’d originally been adopted by several roommates who weren’t aware of the realities of owning a puppy. At 3 months old, he was given to the Mayor’s Alliance where he stayed in a shelter until he developed kennel cough and was moved to live in the vet’s office where we met him. Everyone described him as very quiet and calm - bomb proof - but when we met him, he tore into the room like he’d just been waiting for us to come rescue him. We renamed him Rufus after a lesser-known Muppet and took him home a week later. It turns out “bomb proof” was really a tendency to become paralyzed with fear at loud noises, stairs and anything fear inspiring. It took some work with a behaviorist, but Rufus is about to celebrate his third adoption day with us and we couldn’t ask for a better, more Muppet-like dog.

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