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10 Badass Spy Gadgets That Are Almost Too Cool To Believe

Think spy technology is only used in the movies? Nope! Here are some crazy devices that are actually real and have been used in real life.

1. Face-Scanning Glasses

2. DNA Capturing Pens

3. The Lipstick Pistol

4. Sonic Nausea

5. Pen Document Scanner

6. Unshredder

7. Maple Seed Camera

8. DrugWipe

9. Bomb-Proof Wallpaper

Bomb-proof wallpaper is useful for spies camping out in dangerous locations, (or it could be used for safety in natural disasters).

10. Automatic Speech Translators

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For spies who work internationally, the speech translator application on cell phones is what they need. When making a phone call, the application will translate the speech to text right on the screen! Now you really can be James Bond, international spy.

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