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Relax, Relate, Release.

Today's post is about navigating through life being a 20 something year old. The doubts, the concerns, and questions we deal with daily, while figuring out our purpose in the world.

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Relax, Relate, Release.

Whitley Gilbert said it best, "relax, relate, release." During this episode, Whitley was freaking out about her life and visited her therapist in order to gather her life. Her therapist basically told her that she needed to chill, and take things day by day, and to be true to herself. As a fan of the show, "A Different World", I laughed when Whitley was huffing and puffing, and making weird gestures, repeating "relax, relate, release", and I didn't think anything of it. Today, I find myself using "relax, relate, release" to get my life. As a 23 year old, I see memes on social media on daily basis, telling me to trust the process. I've seen memes about Oprah getting fired from her first major job at 23. I've read multiple quotes, telling me that my time is coming, and I just need to work hard, and be patient, which I believe is true. If I'm being quiet honest, though, I still feel freak out, like everyone else who's in my shoes. A 23 year old, college grad, who is navigating through this journey called life.

I find myself questioning everything at times, and wanting answers for everything, but I'm learning not everything is meant for me to see and understand RIGHT NOW. I'm learning how to take things day by day, and just to be grateful that I'm able to see another 24 hours. Something that I've realized that I'm doing is constantly working towards my goals. I set personal goals for each week and/or day in order to feel better about my process. I try to challenge myself, and do things outside my norm, so I can get the types of results I want (or hope to obtain.) I'm learning to "relax, relate, relax." I'm grateful enough to have friends and family, who love and support me, remind me how strong I am, and that I will be okay.

I'm learning that everything I want out of life will not come in the packaged deal that is in my imagination. I'm appreciating the phrase, "relax, relate, release", more and more because it's confirmation that I will be alright. I can relax and still work towards my goals. I can relate, and refer to my circle, who want the best for me, and offer me perspective. I can release because times get hard, but that doesn't mean I need to beat myself up in the process. I'm still making strides!

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