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    • daxdexico

      I can’t comment on the FaceBook portion, because I deleted my Facebook, but…how the hell could that pie chart be correct? 50% of people use some version of IE? FIFTY PERCENT? I know a lot of people who use the Internet (it’s 2014, I guess I could’ve just said “I know a lot of people” with the same implications, but whatever), and I don’t know anyone who uses IE. Is this shitty-browser-using thing just a non-
      American thing? Or is it people in the South? Or Canada? I’m just trying to imagine a possible reason - I live in Northern New Jersey, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I don’t know ANYONE who uses Internet Explorer. The one near-exception would be my mother, who uses it if she wants to look up a web page just after the computer’s loaded and so has IE, since it’s on her startup list. That’s it, though, and she would never go out of her way to use it. I’m not really upset with people’s choice of browser so much as I’m unbelievably confused. I know at least 100 people I’ve seen use the Internet before. The nearest I’ve seen to someone deliberately use IE is my mother in that example. And yet… 53.18% do, according to that chart? Something here is amiss, no?

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