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    Dec 27, 2019

    Twenty Ways To Get Ready For 2020

    Can you believe this year is already over? Did you keep your new years resolution? Do you want to make changes in your life? Here are twenty ways to get ready for 2020 and to make it the best year yet.

    1. Prepare Cards to Send Throughout the Year

    Never miss a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion by preparing your cards early! Address them, stamp them and set a reminder on your calendar to put it in the mail a few days before the actual event. Show your thoughtfulness like you always mean to do this coming year with a card!

    2. Highlight Important Calendar Dates

    Now's the time to buy a new calendar and mark it up to make sure you don't miss anything important in 2020!

    3. Update Your Resume

    It's always good to have an updated resume on hand, just in case anything happens or a better offer comes along. Take some time to update your resume for the new year so you have it for later.

    4. Set Small Goals

    Most people set large new years resolutions, but larger changes are harder to implicate. Break up your new years resolution into small goals that you know you can complete by deadlines you know you can hit. Start off 2020 meeting small goals and soon you will complete your new years resolution!

    5. Get Started Early

    Most people wait until January 1st to start working on their new years resolutions, but if you get started early it won't seem as daunting come New Years Day. Start now and continue the trend on 1/1/2020.

    6. Plan Your Finances

    Want to save money? Plan out how much money you want to save in a year, then divide that by 12. That amount is how much you need to save each month and stick to it. Want a savings account of $5000? Save $385 each month. Plan out your finances for the year and build up that savings account you've always wanted.

    7. Create a Daily Schedule

    Whether it's a timed schedule or just a list of things you want to do each day, write them down! Want to pray every day or exercise? Make a daily checklist for yourself for 2020.

    8. Reflect on the Past

    Think about everything that happened this year. What did you learn? What do you want to do differently in 2020? Take some time to reflect and use that information to plan for the future.

    9. Be Ready to Move On

    Try not to bring this years problems into 2020. Let go of old grudges and move on from past loves. Start the new year with a new mindset.

    10. Create a Bucket List

    You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do 2020! Create a bucket list and plan out when you think you can get each thing done next year.

    11. Take a 30-Day Challenge

    Not good at implementing daily changes? Or not sure what your new years resolution should be? Start out small with a 30-Day Challenge like finding something good in every day or not eating fast food. Try a different 30-Day Challenge each month and see how much you can accomplish in a year. Make 2020 the year you accomplish your goals.

    12. Declutter

    Tired of looking at the same old stuff in your house that you never use? Sell it or donate it, but declutter for 2020. Your house isn't the only thing that has stuff you don't need, though. Declutter your priorities, relationships and finances too.

    13. Visualize Your Future Life

    Don't think your life can really change? Visualize the life you want and start thinking of little ways you can make it happen. Then make those "little ways" little steps to meeting your goal.

    14. Start a Habit Tracker

    Don't know what needs to change? Start tracking your habits to see where you're spending most of your time and how you can reallocate your time to working on what will make your dreams come true.

    15. Set Your Intentions for 2020

    If you don't know what you want to accomplish, you won't accomplish anything. Make sure you know what your intentions are for 2020 before getting too far into the new year.

    16. Create a New Workout Routine

    Everyone's bodies need some sort of exercise.Create a workout routine that works for you and try to implement it into your daily schedule.

    17. Plan for Emotional Milestones

    Are you ready for your birthday, anniversary or graduation you'll face in 2020? If you know you have a big milestone coming up next year, start emotionally preparing yourself for it now so it's not as much of an adjustment when it comes.

    18. Cut Out Toxic People in your Life

    People who drain your energy or bring too much drama in your life can be cut off. Purge toxic people out of your life so they don't bring you down in 2020.

    19. Be The Person You've Always Wanted to Be

    It's never too late to be the person you've always wanted to be. Want to be someone who doesn't miss deadlines? Start preparing for them early in 2020. Want to be someone who gets up early? Start going to bed early in 2020. Be the best you you can be in 2020.

    20. Have a Party!

    The best way to start a new chapter in your life is to celebrate it! Grab some friends and have a New Years Eve party to mark the beginning of new year for a better you!

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