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    Nov 3, 2019

    Ten Things To Distract You From Heartache

    Broken hearts take time to heal. There is a time to wallow and there is a time to give yourself a break the hurt he caused. Here are ten things to distract you from heartache.

    1. Have a Girls Night!

    trevoykellyphotography / Via

    Laughter is the best medicine, so rally up some girlfriends who are good at cheering you up and hit the town! Or have a girls night in with games and a good time. There's nothing like a fun night with friends to escape a broken heart.

    2. Cuddle with a Pet

    purejoelle / Via

    Dogs and Cats have a superpower of knowing when their human is sad and they initiate cuddling in an attempt to make you feel better. It's been scientifically proven (somewhere) that cuddling with a furry friend will help boost your mood. P.S. - You can initiate cuddling too if your furbaby isn't wearing their superhero cape today.

    3. Redecorate

    jtpatriot / Via

    When something changes in your life that isn't visible, it's helpful to change something in your daily life that you can see. Move the furniture around, paint the house a different color, or choose a new theme for each bedroom. Redecorate what you see on a daily basis and it will help your mind adjust to all the changes you are currently experiencing. Plus, the act of redecorating causes you to be creative which is a mood opposite of heartache.

    4. Watch a New Movie

    jeshoots-com / Via

    Netflix is calling your name! Make some popcorn and pick out a movie you've never seen before. This way, you have to pay attention to the plot and details in order to understand the movie. Stay away from romantic films and anything to do with heartache and love stories. Pick a new movie to watch and enjoy two hours of non-painful entertainment.

    5. Exercise

    stocksnap / Via

    Working out released endorphins which is the feel-good chemical in your brain. Go for a run or swim, or play a sport, anything to get your heart-rate up. Make personal goals for yourself and then exceed them. The more you exercise, the happier you'll feel. Heartache? What heartache?

    6. Read a Book

    silviarita / Via

    Books have a way of pulling us into another world. Just make sure to pick one that doesn't involve couples before you dive in to a different dimension. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a good fiction book, learn about someone else's life or an event with historic biographies or learn a new soft-skill with a self-help book. Either way, you get hours of time away from your reality and it'll be worth it.

    7. Shopping

    gonghuimin468 / Via

    Retail therapy is real. Whether you're shopping at Dollar Tree or a high-end boutique clothing store, shopping makes you feel better. Especially when you spend on things that make you feel better. They don't sell broken hearts in isle 9 so leave that off the list and go buy something nice for yourself.

    8. Take a Nap

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    You can't feel a broken heart if you're asleep. Put on some cozy pajamas, let your hair down, listen to some rain sounds to fall asleep if you have to. But if need a break from heartache, a nap is definitely a good choice.

    9. Pamper Yourself

    picjumbo_com / Via

    Can you say spa day? Even if it's a DIY spa day at home, pampering yourself with a mani/pedi, face mask and massage is bound to make you forget about whats-his-name and the hurt he caused. There's nothing like treating yourself well to make yourself happy.

    10. Drink

    stevepb / Via

    If all else fails, or if you just prefer vodka over water, have an alcoholic beverage to temporarily forget your troubles. Eventually you will have to completely move through these difficult emotions in order to heal from the heartache, but for now a martini or two can make you feel better.

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