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    Nov 3, 2019

    Ten Must-Do Things In Autumn

    Even though spooky season is over and we are starting our holiday shopping, it's still Autumn. There is still time to do many fall festivities! If you're not ready to put your Christmas tree up just yet, check out these ten must-do things for the fall season that are sans-spooky.

    1. Pumpkin Patches

    metromike007 / Via

    Even though carved pumpkins on the porch aren't trendy after Halloween, you should still hit up the local pumpkin patches and look for the best ones. First off, they'll be cheaper after Halloween. Secondly, you can make homemade pumpkin pie, pumpkin puree and pumpkin dog treats. And don't forget to bake the pumpkin seeds with some sea salt. Mmmm.

    2. Fall Treats

    jp26jp / Via

    Don't worry, everything still comes in Pumpkin Spice after Halloween is over. Pair that with a caramel apple or some candy corn and you can have a full fall feast of a treat.

    3. Autumn Crafts

    sheilasseed / Via

    Pinterest is waiting for you to make a board full of fall craft pins. Picture frames, candle holders, centerpieces, wall decor and bird feeders are good for starters but feel free to get creative!

    4. Bon Fires

    12019 / Via

    Grab a cozy blanket, some friends and everything you need for s'mores! You'll need them all to gather around the fire with. You can swap stories, read a book out loud or just listen to music and enjoy each others company. The weather is perfect for bon fires and friends in the fall!

    5. Decorate

    70154 / Via

    All those crafts you made earlier would make great decorations for your home or office. Light those fall candles, then make sure you have a wreath, maybe some garland with leaves and don't forget the pumpkin flower pot.

    6. Wardrobe

    Skitterphoto / Via

    Sweater dresses, leggings and Ugg boots...oh my! Bust out all your cardigans and long sleeves in orange, brown and green. The weather is perfect for hoodies, boots and maybe even a scarf if it gets a bit windy.

    7. Pictures

    lisaliza / Via

    Whether your just taking selfies or paying a professional photographer for family photos, fall is the perfect time of year! The natural nature colors make a perfect background for pictures. Make autumn last all year long with memories that will last forever!

    8. Trips

    thesoarnet / Via

    Have you ever been to the Great Smoky Mountains in the fall?! If not, that is a trip you have to take. The parks and activities alone are enough to make it worth the drive, but if you stay in a cabin on the mountain you will see views that you'll never forget. Go to to find the perfect cabin for the best autumn trip you can imagine.

    9. Friendsgiving

    maggiepoo / Via

    We are all thankful for our friends, but how often do we tell them that? Or better yet, show them? Host a Thanksgiving dinner just for your close friends and take some time to show them how much they mean to you. Spend time with those who matter most and eat some pie while you're at it.

    10. Thanksgiving

    element5digital / Via

    Thanksgiving is a time spent with family. In the fall we all slow down and take the time to focus on what's important, what we're thankful for. Thanksgiving is the main event of autumn and our final leaf that falls for the season. Be thankful for it.

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