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    Nov 13, 2019

    Five Ways To Choose What To Read Next

    When you're a bookworm, you love all books and probably have "too many". Once you finish a book you are stuck with the daunting task of which one to read next and that can be a very difficult decision. Here are five ways to help you choose what to read next.

    1. Read Another Book By The Same Author


    If you loved the writing style of the book you just finished, look for another book by the same writer. Most Authors stick to one specific genre but some writers cross genres which give you a wide variety of options. Even if the book you just finished isn't part of a series, you can still enjoy a similar story by the same person.

    2. Blind Date With A Book


    Some bookstores and libraries have a "Blind Date with a Book" section where the title and Author of the book is hidden. Imagine having no idea what a story is about when you begin reading it and being surprised at all the details as they unravel. Jump into a mystery book head-first and see what happens.

    3. Learn Something New


    Have you always wanted to learn how to meditate or play piano? You can find a self-help book to learn a new soft-skill or budget planning. Or you can buy a how-to book and learn to do anything from drawing to driving. Learn something new today!

    4. Pick Randomly


    Collect 5 books that you want to read, then close your eyes and pick one randomly. If you already know you like those 5 books, you can't go wrong!

    5. Have Someone Else Choose


    Ask your family, friends, co-workers and social media followers to suggest a book for you to read. If it's someone local, borrow the book from them and get started right away! If they wrote in the margins or highlighted their favorite passages while they were reading, it's like you're reading the book together and sharing your thoughts as you go.

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