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    Mar 2, 2020

    6 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

    We are in a sleep epidemic. Most people don't realize how much sleep can change their life and just how important it is. It's important because... So, here are six ways to fall asleep faster.

    1. Turn Off The TV

    Your mind can't focus on the current episode of SVU and try to fall asleep at the same time. I promise. You can't complain about not being able to sleep if you don't try to. Turn off the TV and focus on falling asleep.

    2. Turn Off The Lights

    Light tricks your brain into thinking it's daytime. It's not. It's time for bed. Turn off the lights and go to bed.

    3. Adjust The Temperature

    The optimal temperature to fall asleep to is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're comfortable, you'll fall asleep faster.

    4. Wear Comfortable Clothes

    Speaking of being comfortable, make sure you have comfy clothes on when you go to bed. It's hard to fall asleep if you're uncomfortable.

    5. Calm Your Mind

    Fall asleep to silence, the sound of rain falling or ocean waves. However you calm your mind, make sure that's the last thing you do and you will fall asleep quickly.

    6. Buy The Right Pillow

    The right pillow can make a big difference in your sleep. The best pillow is 10 centimeters off the mattress and firm. Fall asleep faster with the right comfortable tools.

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