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    Mar 2, 2020

    5 Ways To Meet New People

    Looking for a new crowd? Here are five ways to meet new people no matter where you live.

    1. Visit New Places

    The easiest way to meet new people is to visit new places. You can also specify the type of people you want to meet by going to places they are likely to hang out. For example, if you want to meet someone who is into books then visit some new bookstores or libraries.

    2. Change Your Routine

    You probably see the same people at the same times everyday due to your schedule. You could be missing out on meeting new people just by the time you go to the store everyday. Change up your routine and see if you run into new people at the same places you normally go to.

    3. Social Media

    Most social media sites are made for connecting with new people. There are some that are geared more specifically in doing so, like Bumble, Hoop and Hey! VINA. You can meet friends virtually who have common interests as you and take things from there.

    4. Networking

    Most friendship start in the workplace. Start networking and see if you can meet your new BFF at the next office party. LinkedIn is also a great place to network where you can connect with people in the same profession as you.

    5. Hold a Friend Mixer

    Meet new friends of friends by holding a get-together and invite a friend...who invites a friend...who invites a friend...etc.

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