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    Mar 2, 2020

    5 Girls Night Ideas

    Need a girls night? Here are five ideas for an epic girls night in or out.

    1. Dinner and Dancing

    Get all dolled up and go out! Everyone loves a reason to put on their best dress, do their makeup and curl their hair. Choose a fancy restaurant for dinner and then go out dancing at a local club. Just remember, it's girls night so no boys allowed!

    2. Go To An Event

    Check Facebook events to see if there something fun going on in town. Find a paint and wine night somewhere. Host your own event, even! Do your research and find something fun for everyone in your group then go enjoy yourselves!

    3. Clothes and Jewelry Swap

    Feel like staying in? Tell your friends to bring all the clothes and jewelry they don't wear anymore and come over for a girls night in. Find your new favorite accessories and try on a new-found outfit without spending a dime or even leaving your house!

    4. Spa Night

    Spend some time together at a spa in town or do DIY spa treatments at home. Hire a private massuese or a Mary Kay Consultant. Give each other pedicures or go to a nail salon together. There are so many options for women to pamper themselves, just pick one and get together with the girls!

    5. Romance Night

    PJs, pillow fights, rom-com movies and popcorn! How's that for a girls night in? Or, go to the movie theater and then hit an adult entertainment store on the way home. Even better, host a Pure Romance party at home with your girlfriends!

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