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    Feb 12, 2020

    3 Simple Ways To Create A New Habit

    It takes 21 days to make a habit, but it's not as simple as letting time just pass by. We all want to start new habits that will enhance our life and make us happier. Here are 3 simple ways to help make that happen.

    1. Baby Steps

    No matter what the habit is, it'll be a lot easier to implicate if you break it down into smaller sections and build up from there.

    For example, if your new habit is to eat healthy, your first step could be to eat one healthy breakfast meal each day. Then, once you've mastered that step, start eating a healthy lunch, then dinner, then snacks, etc.

    If you try to make a radical change in your life, it will be difficult and unpleasant and has a higher chance of failing. Break your habit down into smaller steps and work on one small goal at a time. Eventually they will all add up to the new habit you wanted to start.

    2. Have an Accountability Partner

    In order to make any kind of change in your life, you have to have self-discipline. If this is not your strong suit, like most people, ask someone you trust to be your accountability partner. Make sure it's someone that will hold you accountable if you fail and someone who you can't easily justify excuses to. If you really want to create a new habit in your life, you need a firm hand to help you do it.

    3. Reward Systems

    When you are creating a new habit, you should also create a reward system to go along with it. Let's take our healthy eating habit as an example again; if you miss a day of eating a healthy breakfast there should be a consequence just as eating a healthy breakfast for a week should give you a reward. The consequences and rewards have to be specific to you in order to motivate you and having your accountability partner run the reward system is a wonderful way to create a new habit.

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