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    Feb 12, 2020

    10 Ways To Save Money Right Now

    Want to stop living paycheck to paycheck? Money can actually solve problems, maybe not all of them, but a good portion of them. Here are 10 ways to plan on saving money that you can start doing right now.

    1. Get an Accountability Partner

    This could be a friend, parent, co-worker, teacher, etc. As long as it's someone who will hold you accountable for your actions. Meet with them daily or weekly to talk about how much money you've spent and how much you've saved. This creates an external motivator because you won't want to let down your accountability partner (plus it would make you look bad if you did).

    2. Leave Your Card at Home

    Studies say that it's harder for us to part with cash than money in our bank account since swiping a card is easier than handing over actual currency. So, take cash out and leave your card at home the next time you have to go to the store.

    3. Make a Shopping List

    Speaking of going to the store...make sure you have a list of exactly what you need to buy and don't purchase anything that isn't on the list when you walk into the store. Plan out affordable meals ahead of time so you know should be on your shopping list and what doesn't need to be included.

    4. Delete Shopping Apps

    While we're still on the topic of shopping, let's talk about the shopping apps you probably have on your phone. Amazon, Walmart, Wish, Tophatter, Etsy, Groupon, ThriftBooks, etc. If you are truly trying to save money, delete these apps for the time being. It's so easy to buy whatever you want with the click of a button since your card information is already saved. Don't tempt yourself and don't worry, you can always download them again when your financial situation is stable.

    5. Have a Clear Goal

    What does a stable financial situation look like to you? Do you want to have at least $1000 in your savings account for emergencies? Are you saving for a specific purchase? Make sure you have a clear goal when you start to save money. It's easy to fall off the wagon if you don't know where the wagon is going.

    6. Have a Daily Goal Reminder

    Whatever you specific goal is, remind yourself of it daily. Remind yourself of it when you think of stopping into McDonalds on the way to work or buying that cute shirt at the store. Saving money requires self-disciple, which means you don't make decisions based on how you feel at the moment. Stick to your goal.

    7. Keep the Change

    Some banks have a "Keep the Change" program, where they will transfer the change you have in your account into your savings account. Just like if you were to throw all your coins in a jar when you get home from spending cash, and you'd be amazed at how quickly that change save up for a rainy day.

    8. Skip Happy Hour

    Avoid spending money if you don't have to. You can still go out and have fun, but try to plan things that are free or very affordable while you're trying to reach your goal.

    9. Stick to the Necessities

    Self-Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. Do you need ice cream or just want it? Do you need to get your nails done or do you just want it? Figure out what can wait to be purchased until you meet your goal and skip those things for now. Stick to the necessities only.

    10. Check Your Automated Subscriptions

    Sometimes we subscribe to things and forget to cancel them. Go through your bank statement and iPhone subscriptions and cancel anything that isn't necessary and especially anything you don't use. Remember, you can always re-subscribe to anything you want after you've met your goal.

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