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Can Super PACs Deliver Messages From Supportive Voters Through Radio Stations?

Super PACs have created a new dynamic in political advertising over the past few months. Going forward to the Presidential election, SPACs will be the big spenders for both campaigns? Will the peoples voices be heard over the rustle of the money trees?

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By the tenth of April 2012, there were over 400 SPACs registered and growing rapidly.

SPACs at that time had raised over $170 million and had spent almost $90 million, half of which was poured into the media for attack Ads focused on Mitt Romney's opponents (much to his dismay).

If the crudity and pettiness of the advertising placed on the Media in the Primaries is further used in the Election, the independent Voter will soon become disenchanted and the strategy may backfire by the time polls open in November judging by the poor returns on the spending by Romney's PACs.

What if Super PACs instead spent their funds on getting their supporters to themselves buy Spots on radio and send their own voices across the air waves eschewing PAC inspired positions.

Could the rise and flexibility of the Super PAC become an opportunity to inject a new dynamic in political advertising by facilitating Voter participation at the individual level?

How so much more powerful the political point if delivered by the guy next door!

Would radio stations, both broadcast and streaming, adjust and grasp this new revenue source?

Are individual political ad spots, recorded and delivered by computer or cell phone, timed and ready for broadcast, the next step in content delivery?

Clearly, new creative ways of spending ad dollars are demanded as the content being created and distributed by individuals is fast overtaking traditional media.

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