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    • dawns30

      Before labour were in power the conservatives had 15 years of Thatcherism. We were given community care and promises no one would suffer. Now there are not enough poeple to look after those with mental health issues and give them the correct level of care they need. It didnt just happen when labour were in power.
      Thatcher privatised cleaning contracts at the NHS and catering. We were given assurances standards would not be allowed to fall. Nowadays, we have MRSA and cedefocil, the wards are full of mental patients with nowhere to go and no nursing homes wanting to take them. Seriously ill patients are being sent home because there are no beds available. For some reason the budget for nursing care is being spent on agency nurses, when full time permanent jobs could be given to nurses looking for work. The point is what is the Government of today doing about it - making it worse. That is the tragedy. All they have done time after time is change management structure. This money has rarely got to the wards,but rather been used to pay off/pension off/retire on top salaries people in suits.

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