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    • dawnr10

      Does this child simply have behavioral issues vsareal mental health issue? It seems to me that this child is very manipulative and attempts to control his environment. He is terrorizing his family to get what he wants or do what he wants and very narcissistic. The difference between this child and Adam Lanza from whatIam reading is Adam Lanza would sink into his own little world to hid from the rest of the world and was terrified of human interaction.Iam sorry butIhave to agree with some of the other commenters here, this child needs some strict discipline and taught that he does not get everything he wants by throwing temper tantrums and making threats. Also he needs to learn the world is not about him. Group homes with strict discipline and peer pressure to modify such outburst would be more ideal for treating someone like this. Allowing other peers to call out his temper tantrum throwing as self serving to get his own way would be best. Make the child see no one is going to play his game and it is time he started thinking about others.

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