Legendary former Manowar fan who currently works for original guitar player Ross The Boss instead.
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    • DawnOwar

      There is not a list like this that this Manowar “album” is not on. And somehow not one of the clever list-makers ever seems to know that the band never released this as an album cover. This was the cover to a greatest hits album an old record company of theirs put out. The band was doing a new album on a major label (with artwork for the cover as all their records always have had) when this old record company of thiers realized they still owned some rights to some of the band’s old songs, and apparently this promo photo from the early 80s as well.  The band may be guilty for posing for this photo but they never intended it as an album cover, and certainly not in 1997.  Yes they were a lot of people’s favorite band. In their early days, I’m sure they had a much higher level of musicianship than any band most folks laughing at that picture have ever listened to.

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