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37 Thoughts We Had Binge-Watching The First Season Of "Stranger Things"

A primer on that show everyone on your Facebook feed is talking about.

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1. What happened? All of a sudden everyone is talking about this new show? I didn't even know it was premiering!

2. It's literally the only thing on my Facebook feed.

3. OK, fine. I'll watch it even if it's just so I can understand all these memes.

4. Look at these opening credits! What is this the 1980s?

5. And these kids — where did they find such a striking cast?

6. I keep wanting to hug Winona Ryder. It's okay Winona.

7. Or at least ask her, for the love of god, to stop screaming.

8. Or tell her to wash her hair.

9. In fact, all the hairdos in this show. Let me tell you...

10. And there she goes again, taking stuff from the store without paying. Art imitates life.

11. Nancy's boyfriend's pompadour is distracting me from the plot.

12. My god, it was so easy to skip school back then.

13. These "popular" kids are *the worst*.

14. How cute, these kids took tabletop roleplaying games so seriously. Kinda like we do with new Netfilx series **ahem**.

15. Oh, I wish this kid with the speech impediment were my son.

16. Children riding bikes in a small town. It's like every movie I grew up with.

17. Lucas is like the only voice of reason among these three, right?

18. ET would have been fine if he had ended up in Mike's home.

19. It's amazing how children back in the day were not afraid to be alone in the middle of dark forests.

20. You couldn't pay me enough to walk around in the woods after dark, and I'm a grown adult.

21. Man... life must have been so hard when all you had was landlines.

22. But it sure makes it easier for writers! Characters can actually get lost and disappear without someone using Find my Friends to track them down.

23. What a wonderful soundtrack!

24. Jesus, such a quiet little town and, all of a sudden, so many things happening.

25. Jim must be the unluckiest cop in the history of American TV cops.

26. Monsters using Christmas lights to communicate kinda cuts down on the tension a little bit, doesn't it?

27. How can everyone live so far apart in such a small town?

28. It's probably the next town over from Twin Peaks?

29. It's SO OBVIOUS that Mike has a crush on Eleven.

30. It feels like I'm reading a Stephen King book.

31. Honestly? I don't even know how to read a compass. But then again, I've got Google Maps.

32. I have never been able to get a walkie-talkie to work in my whole life.

33. I was going to wake up early tomorrow, but I've got 4 episodes left so there goes that plan.

34. Is it me, or are the lights in my house blinking a little?

35. Okay, maybe it's the show, but the lights are definitely blinking. Have they always done that?

36. Great. I'm going to have nightmares about this. For sure.

37. OK, when is the next season?

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