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    18 Things You Can Do For Yourself To Help Get Through The Week

    Be good to yourself this week!

    1. Make and listen to a playlist of all your favorite songs.

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    Do a little digging and pull out all the songs you jammed to from years ago – or from different stages of your life, like high school — and let the nostalgia and good vibes roll.

    2. Resolve to spend less time on social media this week.

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    Figure out when you're most susceptible to reaching for your phone and scrolling aimlessly (for example, during your commute), and intentionally use that time for something else, like catching up on a favorite book or just zoning out peacefully.

    3. Visit a friend whose company you genuinely enjoy.

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    Have them over for dinner, or plan a good autumnal walk together!

    4. Eat some tasty fruit.

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    Take a gamble on a totally new kind of fruit you don't usually buy at the grocer, or let yourself pig out on your absolute favorite apples. The choice is yours!

    5. When you wake up, intentionally remind yourself to take deep breaths and think positive thoughts.

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    You need a few minutes of 'you time' before officially starting your day.

    6. Start reading an awesome book.

    7. Set aside a weeknight to enjoy popcorn and a movie.

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    Invite your roommate, or a friend who's into the same weird Judd Apatow jokes as you are.

    8. Think about what kinds of activities and rituals you really enjoy — and try to make time for one of them every day this week.

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    Face masks, skipping, and sniffing nice perfume at the department store are at the top of our list.

    9. Resolve not to be so hard on yourself.

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    You're only human, and you're doing your best.

    10. Drink plenty of water.

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    Being hydrated is highly underrated.

    11. Enjoy this GIF in all of its entirety.


    And send it to someone who'd love it, too!

    12. Watch this super satisfying video.

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    And tag your BFF in it!

    13. Be present for someone you love.

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    There's a high chance that someone in your life could really use your help, even if it's just showing up and letting them know you care.

    14. Turn off your computer, phone, and TV well before bedtime.

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    That way, you can properly unwind and get a better night's sleep.

    15. Play with an animal.

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    Ask if you can dogsit your neighbor's pooch, or head to the nearest cat cafe!

    16. Soak up some sun.

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    Now that the days are getting shorter, every drop of sunlight counts!

    17. Pick at least one day of the week to make yourself a delicious dinner.

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    It doesn't have to be crazy fancy — all that matters is that you like to eat it!

    18. Plan a movie or TV marathon for the weekend.


    It'll give you something to look forward to until that sweet, sweet weekend's here.

    Got a quick pick-me-up you'd like to add? Comment below with your favorite way to make the week a little less stressful!


    This post was translated from Portuguese.