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A Lot Of People Are Talking About Egypt's Beach Volleyball Uniforms

Some are calling it a culture clash, others are celebrating the diversity.

This photo of a women's beach volleyball match at the Rio Olympics has gotten a huge reaction online. It shows 19-year-old Egyptian athlete Doaa Elghobashy going up against Germany's Kira Walkenhorst.

Great pic in O Globo. Egypt (left) v Germany in beach volleyball

In the photo, Elghobashy is wearing a long-sleeved shirt, leggings, and a hijab, a headscarf many Muslim women choose to wear. Walkenhorst, on the other hand, is wearing a bikini.

The photo was taken by Reuters photographer Lucy Nicholson during the game this Sunday.

Many people who shared the photo on Facebook and Twitter said it highlighted a "culture clash."

BBC Africa called it a battle of "Bikini vs Burka."

While others say it highlights the Olympic ideal of different cultures and countries coming together.

Facebook: Gerraddict

The pairing of Doaa Elghobashy and Nada Meawad is the first Egyptian women's beach volleyball team to compete at an Olympics.

The Egyptian pair lost the game 2 sets to 0, but they will go on to play Italy next Tuesday, and Canada on Thursday.

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