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Real Animals + Toy Animals

Ok, so I have this obsession with animals holding stuffed animals. This is my collection so far... do you have any to add? Bonus points for animals holding toys of the same species (because it makes them adorably stupid as well as just adorable).

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  • 1. Jasper the monkey prefers a pillow-stuffed duck instead of a feather-stuffed pillow.

  • 2. Raggedy stuffed koalas are the best medicine.

  • 3. Suddenly, amid his affection for the new arrival, Philip noticed a creeping resentment as he realised that his style would be forever cramped.

  • 4. Ebony & Ivory live together in perfect harmony (lack of pulse notwithstanding)

  • 5. 'Dat's by doze, dot a piece ob carrod'

  • 6. Koalas like to hug things.

  • 7. He's kissing it, not biting it. This list is made of love.

  • 8. This is the one that started my obsession (does anyone have a bigger copy?)

  • 9. Yes, I know this brush is not a toy, but don't tell these hedgehogs that.