An Analysis Of TomKat In 40 Pictures

Whether normal gestures of love or over-the-top PDA, one thing’s for sure: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes were never boring in front of the cameras. Let’s take a look back at some of their signature poses.

1. The “Katie’s Hand on Tom’s Chest” Pose


(Same event, but she’s holding the purse now, which means it was a repeated gesture.)


I have a theory she’s checking to make sure he still has a human heartbeat. She was probably scarred for life by “V” in the ’80s, like I was.


11. The “Tom Leading Katie by the Hand” Pose


Seriously, Cruise, she’s a grown-ass woman. There’s a line between doting and domineering, and you crossed it 8 pictures ago.


This was their last public outing together, in Iceland. Bards will write songs about this, someday.

21. The “We’re So Into Each Other” Pose

31. The “Passionate Kissing” Pose…

38. …And The Not-So-Passionate.

40. Never Forget.

Because, as we all know… “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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