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Spring Break The Things I've Done Instead Of My Homework

This is for those of us not at beach or partying our spring break away because we have too much work but we know we arent doing any.

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1. Binge watch Netflix


Season 2 of House of Cards went up about the time the olympics ended so we haven't finished it yet, this is the perfect time, Also Close wars went up today so thats on all of our watch lists.

2. Washed my car


Well it's been a hard winter for most of us and the weather has been better, hey it hit high 60s today. With the warmer weather and with so much work for us to do what better way to procrastinate.

3. Eat (probably girl scout cookies, or cake cake is good)

Girl Scouts are selling their cookies and who can pass up Tagalongs or Thin Mints or whatever your favorite is? Needless to say when you procrastinate eating is one of the best ways to go about it. you can workout when school resumes, they have gyms there.

4. Spent way too much time online


Facebook and twitter just don't cut it anymore, it's time to explore and dig into Tumblr, Meetup, maybe check out that Myspace profile you abandoned so long ago. Go ahead and do it, dive into the rabbit hole.

5. Spend way too much time on BuzzFeed


I mean is this even really possible, besides its very important to discover what Mighty Duck you are, or Disney Ride, or what reality game show you belong on. plus theres news here, so no there is no such thing as too much BuzzFeed.

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