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    • davidz7

      I love how some on the left stupidly side with Hamas/Fatah these days.Ilove Bibi. He deals with reality…a horrible one. If there was an election in Gaza and the West Bank tomorrow Hamas would win. The Hamas Charter (online for all to read) calles for GENOCIDE against the Jews…the destruction of Israel and to kill all the Jews (it actually says this!!) The left does not seem to be so bothered by this small detail. The peace process has now becomeajoke. As Prince Bandar said, it was “criminal” that Arafat rejected statehood and an end to the occupation at Camp David II. Just as criminal as it was for Abu Mazen to reject an even better offer in 2008 by Olmert. The Israeli left tried, and unfortunately, failed to getapeace deal…so now Israelis vote for Bibi. People scream and yell about the occupation, but it does not exist inavacuum. The reason there is no peace today is not because of the settlements (most of which would be given to the Pals inafinal deal), but because the Palestinians want an end to Israel more than their own state. Sad, but true. Even sadder is that large parts of the left are blind to this.

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