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    • davidu7

      Not necessarily Ashley, Several states are working on single payer systems which will roll out when the affordable care act is fully implemented. The most likely long term outcome of this legislation is that within the next 15 years or so most states (except Texas of course) will provide single payer health insurance for their citizens. That is exactly how it happened in Canada.

    • davidu7

      To those who are concerned about not getting their fair share of health insurance dollars. you are probably worried about other insurance coverage as well. Car, home and life insurance are also poor returns on investment. IfImight suggest that in many life insurance policies, the suicide contestability clause only lasts two years. If you were to say kill yourself as soon as the suicide contestability clause expires inaway that involves running your car into your house. you could hit the trifecta, thus maximizing your return on all three policies, and guaranteeing that you receive your fair share of your insurance dollars. Oh but if you can fix it so you don’t die immediately, and run upabig health care bill before you pass, well you will surely getahigh place in heaven, and the tea party will sing your praises for generations.

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