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Victor And Jenny Arata Shine In V - The Ultimate Variety Show!

Love, passion and skill guide this incredible couple through some of the most dangerous stunts ever performed on skates.

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Daredevil skating Duo Victor and Jenny Aratas or more commonly known as "The Skating Aratas", have been making plenty of press this past year. If you haven't already seen them, the couple perform a near death defying act to which they propel themselves in a circle wearing roller skates at breakneck speeds, add a number of intricate poses and spins totally reliant on the couple being centered in their gravity and you have the act of "The Skating Aratas!" But if you watch the show you will notice an intimacy not present in most strips acts, and that's because Victor and Jenny are in fact married! One of the more film worthy origin stories, this act has come together through love to bring you their famous spectacle of velocity week after week.

Victor coming from a 7th generation circus family, has been practicing since he was as young as 14 years old. His mother, an aerialist who concentrated on the Russian swing and the flying trapeze, spent sometimes up to 10 hours a day helping her children perfect their skills. Teaching them the basics of having to cross train and body-build as a safety precaution, and teaching Arata and his

sister how to perform a similar act to the one Arata performs today on a 10 foot by 10 foot platform. Arata says of those days there was no pressure, and it was all about experimenting with what audiences liked and showing off. His mother made it an effort to help him perfect the skating routine as a safer means of entertaining and being a part of the family tradition. But the act his mother developed is far safer than what is performed now, as Arata has taken on the family love of adrenaline! His wife, jenny was born in Germany and had an extensive background as an acrobatic dancer. Before Victor would perform the act with his sister, fearing for Jennies safety, but after his sister became injured Arata found no luck trying to teach other women the complicated routine.

Soon after Jenny was incorporated into the act, and the couple have been happily performing together since. Arata embarked on the arduous process of getting his wife and newly found partner safely ready for the act. A strict and drudging routine would be required to build the core strength and muscles necessary to stay in control, after nearly 8 months of body building mania Jenny was ready. Jenny grew up in Russia with figure skating experience, so naturally she took to roller skates with ease. The next task was helping her keep her composure during the rapid spinning, not as easy as it sounds! But with Victor guiding her, they finally developed the act after 3 years! (better safe than sorry!) With the whole new element of having to ensure his wife's safety, there is a certain element of risk both physically and emotionally that make this act so compelling to watch! So you cant miss out on the sensation one more minute, pick up your tickets to V-The Ultimate Variety Show today, and see the famous "Skating Aratas" in action with your own eyes!

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