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Recycled Percussion Rocks The Quad Hotel And Casino

Junk Rock supergroup Recycled Percussion debuted at the Quad Hotel and Casino last month and opened with a bang!

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Say Hello to Recycled Percussion

When they debuted on Americas Got Talent, Recycled Percussion, brought an edgy, rock driven style of entertainment to the forefront of the national television spotlight. "Junk Rock" as it was called combined a random assortment of objects including: pans, ladders, powertools, appliances and garbage cans with the skilled musical artistry of a group of talented musicians from New Hampshire. This unique combination is more than just skilled performing. It was designed to be an experience that stimulates all the senses. After years of playing shows around the country and being featured on worldwide television, Recycled Percussion brings their high energy Junk Rock back to Las Vegas inside the Quad Hotel and Casino.

Formed in the 90's by a group of friends from New Hampshire, they first played together at a high school talent show. It was here that they displayed a unique talent for creating music using some of the most unusual objects one may not think of as musical: Buckets, ladders, power tools and many other everyday items; This lead to the creation of a whole new genre of entertainment now known as 'Junk Rock.' It wasn't until they were featured on the cover of USA Today in 1999 that their popularity really began to flourish. From there they toured nationally performing their ground-shaking form of music for professional sporting events, corporate events and everything in between. Before long they made their way to the national television stage by making an appearance on the hit reality series, America's Got Talent. The rest was history as they gained worldwide attention and eventually found themselves performing nightly in Las Vegas.

Now they call the newly renovated Quad Hotel and Casino home and have made some changes to that original talent show performance. The show itself is an intense experience mixed with classic rock covers as well as original works that make use of all the off-the-wall props you could possibly imagine. High levels of audience interaction make it a must for families and large groups. Their new show is just getting started and will no doubt continue to grow.

At their grand opening just a few weeks ago, the stars were out as a host of fellow Vegas entertainers joined in on the fun. Hypnotist, Anthony Cools; the cast of Evil Dead The Musical: 4D, iCandy star, Daisy de la Hoya were all in attendance, among many others. The show was promised to be the best incarnation yet, and the audience got that promise and so much more. If opening night was any indication of what is to come, Recycled Percussion is going to quickly become one of the biggest acts on the Vegas Strip.

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