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    8 Pieces Of CLIMAT-ART-E (Climate Change + Art)

    Climate + Art= Clim-ART-e.. one of those abbreviations that sort of it doesn't..but let's roll with it anyway. Here is my line up of the top pieces of climate change art which really hammer home the point that a) we've screwed up the planet and b) we need to fix it..

    1. Rising Tide

    CNN / Via

    The new temporary addition to the banks of the Thames near Vauxhall is called 'Rising Tide' and features the four horsemen of the climate apocalypse. The sculpture gets completely submerged twice a day at high tide and artist Jason deCaires Taylor says that the horses have petrol pumps for heads to represent our dependency on fossil fuels. And the rising tide bit, well that's obvious isn't it.

    2. Ice Bear

    WWF / Via

    The sculpted polar bear gradually melted in the shadow of Copenhagen's Bella Center where world leaders met for the climate conference back in 2009.

    Sculptor Mark Coreth said he was inspired to create the bear during an expedition to the Baffin Island sea-ice in northern Canada where he saw first-hand the impact of a warming world on these fragile ecosystems.

    3. I Don't Believe In Global Warming

    Flickr / Via

    Shortly after the broadly unsuccessful Copenhagen climate summit (and melted polar bear) this piece by Banksy emerged by Reagent's Canal in Camden, north London.

    4. The Gift

    This guerrilla piece of art which hijacked the iconic turbine hall at the Tate Modern, London, in 2012 claims a spot in the list of top climate art both for the ironic connotations of placing a 16.5 m long wind turbine blade in the dis-used oil-fired power station but also for its political message which discouraged BP's involvement with the gallery.

    5. Oil Waterfall

    RTCC / Via

    This piece of climate change art by Ian Wolter won the 2015 Anglia Ruskin prize. The sculpture features the name of infamous climate change deniers on a tombstone-esque memorial headed by the epitaph 'Lest we forget those who denied'. A constant stream of oil also runs down the 2.2m tall memorial.

    Wolter said; "With this work I envisage a time when the deliberate denial of climate change will be seen as a crime because it hinders progress towards a low carbon future."

    6. Politicians Discussing Global Warming

    GreenGround / Via

    Although intended to be an art work called' Follow the Leaders' this sculpture in Berlin by Isaac Cordal went viral once someone re-named it.

    7. Ice People

    Payload / Via

    Since 2005, Nelo Azevedo has been setting up her Melting People in various countries around the world. Although originally intended as a critic of the role of monuments in cities, environmentalists around the world are adopting her work as climate change art.

    This large exhibition of 1,000 icy people (pictured) was displayed in Berlin in partnership with the WWF to highlight global warming.

    8. Save the World

    Theater Bonn / Via

    If you've been inspired by this line up then check out Festival Save the World at Theater Bonn which kicks off on the 18th September and is sure to deliver a healthy dose of climate inspired art!