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19 Animals Who Are In Some Pretty Serious Relationships

Some of these couples are meant to last, but some may be over before you finish this article.

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1. He just said "I love you" WAY too soon. Boy, this is awkward...

2. These hopeless romantics are destined to never cuddle or hold each other because of the land and water difference. But, their loves flourishes more each day.

3. This little guy doesn't realize he's hurting his girlfriend's feelings by not sharing the ball. He's ALWAYS like this...Ugh.

4. These sweethearts are inseparable. They do everything the same way. They aren't just boyfriend/girlfriend, they are best friends.

5. He's a little clingy. She needs to go to work but he keeps begging her to stay home today.

6. These two recently started yoga. So far, they are REALLY liking it.

7. These two cuties decided to take a stroll in the park today. It was just such LOVELY snowfall.

8. Ben hasn't actually dated before. He's pretty new to the whole kissing thing...

9. Their relationship is actually arranged. He's the prince of England and she's the princess of Ireland.

10. Rick is moving soon to pursue a new job in New York. This is their last morning together. God he's really gonna miss her. Long distance is hard but they're meant to be. It'll work out.

11. These two keep Eskimo kissing in public. Even if it's to the dismay of everyone around them.

12. She just had a bad dream and wants to wake her boyfriend up because she's still pretty shaken up.

13. This guy just got a pretty awesome set of wheels. Time to let the top down and enjoy the snowfall. His interior is going to be WRECKED.

14. He keeps doing this weird kiss on the head thing. She doesn't HATE it. But, she really wishes he'd at least kiss her on the lips SOMETIMES.

15. Rick's friend Steve keeps coming along to every date. Abby is really getting tired of this third wheel crap. She just wants some time ALONE with him.

16. He keeps INSISTING that they have the best relationship. But she knows deep down that they have been growing apart for months now. He just won't admit it.

17. He just WON'T quit making jokes all of the time. She just wants him to be serious just one time. ONE TIME.

18. This adorable couple just LOVES to spoon. Honestly, they may love spooning more than each other. It's a complicated situation.

19. He's got REALLY bad breath. She tried to be subtle about it but she is NOT kissing him with that garlic breath.

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