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18 Facts You Didn't Know About Marc Jacobs's Dog, Neville

This dog is more fashionable than you. But then again, he IS Marc Jacobs's dog.

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1. He likes to impersonate Yoda from time to time.

2. He's got a fierce-ass squad. And you BETTER not mess with any of them. Or their ride.

3. He's adamant about staying healthy and in shape.

4. He LOVES to spend time at his dad's office.

5. His BFF is named Charlie.

6. Neville sometimes likes to use Charlie as a pillow.

7. But that's not an insult, because Neville LOVES pillows. Because he can.

8. He also loves to sleep in general. Give him a break, he works just like everyone else!

9. He's a cutie, but he isn't afraid to THROW DOWN if someone gets in his face.

11. He's a great kisser. Even if that is to the dismay of Charlie.

12. He's not the best actor. But, he's working on it! Give him a few years and he'll be winning Oscars.

13. He likes to dress up. Or in this instance, dress DOWN. Come on, it's vacation time!

14. He loves to read. He's a huge bookworm. Right after this photo, he was probably off to a social gathering to discuss the writings of Oscar Wilde.

15. He's a free spirit. Maybe too free...

16. You can't put him outside. He'll guilt trip the heck out of you.

17. He's got a lot of focus and determination!

18. But in the end, the one thing to know about Neville is that he loves to enjoy his New York life.

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