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18 Sleepy Kittens Who Worked Very Very Hard Today

Kittens have hard days too. It's not just humans. GEEZ.

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1. These two spent all day tackling one another and rolling around.

2. This little lady spent so much time cleaning herself that she fell asleep still licking her paw clean.

3. This fella sttempted to do some sit-ups but fell asleep as soon as he put his back on the floor.

4. This little guy's mommy fell asleep holding him up and he fell asleep soon after.

5. This tough baby boy fell asleep after watching Titanic. It was just TOO LONG.

6. This young lady used up all her kitty energy to get to the top of this contraption. and decided it was a PERFECT place for a nap.

7. This romantic fell asleep spooning his little lady, but she had to go to work. He considers spooning work.

8. This kitten has been playing hide n' seek with her friends. Her friends are going to be hiding for quite a while.

9. This little guy is all tuckered out after fighting a cold all day. Hopefully he feels better when he wakes up.

10. These two lovebirds spent all day looking after the new family dog. He's a little ruffian.

11. These two pals ran around all day in the backyard. They wanted to see who was faster. It turns out Phil was. Phil is the kitten on top for anyone that doesn't know him.

12. This cute bundle of joy lugged this teddy bear around all day because she didn't want anyone else to play with it. However, lugging a teddy bear twice your size gets tiring pretty quick.

13. This sleepy kitty couldn't sleep at all. She worked all night trying to find a comfy position. Sticking her feet up against the wall surprisingly did the trick.

14. This guy read poetry all day and analyzed it till his eyelids started drooping. So he cuddled up in a nice sweater and clonked out.

15. These two siblings fought all day. After realizing they were both sleepy, they made up and curled up like every night.

16. This little kitten tried to knit a sweater all day. But she just couldn't figure it out. She settled on playing with the yarn till she was worn out.

17. This goofy cat got his head stuck in the couch cushions. To save face he acted like he was asleep. Soon after, he actually fell asleep.

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